Fitting & Aftercare

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Find out more about how to fit your jewelry for the first time and how to care for your investment over the long term.

Jewelry Fitting

Solid gold will bend when excess pressure is used to fit or size your jewelry. If this is your first time switching out jewelry for your piercing, we recommend going to a trusted piercer for assistance. Professional piercers can help you avoid damage to your jewelry and ensure you have both proper jewelry and a solid fit for your given piercing. Using tools to fit your jewelry is not recommended, since certain tools can cause damage or bending. If you encounter fit issues or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to consult with your piercer or send us an email @email with your questions or concerns.

Wearing Jewelry

We’ve taken much care to source our solid gold from reputable manufacturers. As a result, your jewelry can be worn during exercise as well as while swimming or showering. Your solid gold jewelry won’t rust, and you can expect it to always look glamorous. Solid gold is also considered to be inert, meaning it will not cause allergic reactions compared to most gold-plated jewelry.

We recommend checking your jewelry often to ensure it’s securely fastened in your piercing. This helps to protect the delicate construction of the piece and to prevent the loss of any ends or pieces that should stay intact.

Jewelry Care

It’s important to remember that even though solid gold does not corrode, it may still experience a small amount of tarnishing when used with cosmetics or body products.

To avoid any potential tarnishing, be sure to periodically clean your jewelry. You can find more information about cleaning tips on our website or on our Instagram @insta.

Be sure to store your jewelry in a secure container when it’s not in use. Keep it away from direct sunlight, as well as humid or warm environments.

Keep in mind that our jewelry is ideal for fully healed piercings only. Especially with studs, we recommend being very careful while cleaning them so that you don’t risk losing your jewelry.

DNTY Warranty Information

All jewelry comes standard with a 3 month warranty. Note that damages from accidents, wear and tear or misuse are not covered under our warranty. Your jewelry features solid gold construction and should be handled with care. Please direct any jewelry warranty queries to @email.