DNTY was born out of the desire to make elegant piercing jewelry more accessible to the masses. Jenna's background in luxury jewelry (plus her love for ear piercings) led her to wonder why quality gold piercing jewelry was so hard to find at an affordable price. Soon after, she set her sights on e-commerce and began filling this market gap herself. What started as a side hustle quickly transformed into a dream project that required sourcing reliable & ethical manufacturers who aligned with her values.

DNTY launched in the summer of 2020 and continues to create high quality jewelry for all-day wear at a fair price. We aim to keep our footprint small by not overproducing our jewelry, which we extend to our consumers through lower prices and less overall waste. While jewelry may have been seen as an unattainable status symbol in the past, DNTY aims for inclusion so that everyone can embrace this facet of self-expression.

Femininity, quality and affordability are core values of DNTY and all that we aspire to create. Elegant & alternative jewelry should be a wardrobe staple, not throwaway items that constantly need replacement. Excellent sourcing means even those with skin allergies are able to wear our jewelry without issues, and this in itself speaks to our uncompromising standards of quality.