14k Solid Gold FAQ

Why Do You Use 14k Solid Gold?

We chose 14 karat gold because of its elegant champagne color that isn’t as loud or flashy as traditional solid gold jewelry. The quality of 14k jewelry is also an advantage, since it’s non-reactive and mostly safe for use with skin allergies.

How Do I Care For 14k Solid Gold Jewelry?

While gold plated jewelry may tarnish with extended wear, the same cannot be said for solid gold. You can wear your solid gold jewelry while you exercise or shower and not worry about removal or maintenance.

Why are your jewelry items priced so low?

Along with a low sales margin, we prioritize small production runs for all of our jewelry lines. This means less overall waste and lower prices for our customers. We believe everyone deserves access to stunning, high quality jewelry, and we’ll stand by that!

Who Can Wear Solid Gold Body Jewelry?

Anyone can wear solid gold jewelry! Whether you love to accessorize your daily outfit with different pieces, or you insist on finer pieces for special occasions, you’re sure to fall in love with our quality designs.

You can find all updates about our luxury line accessibility on our Instagram (@insta), TikTok and Facebook. For more detailed information on availability, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team at @email.